GENTIL ADVOGADOS takes steps to release seized cargoes, whether their Confiscation (Dispossession) has been ordered or not.

The seizure of goods due to alleged abandonment, fraudulent interpositi on of third parties, underinvoicing or fraud has generated huge logistics and fi nancial problems to importers and exporters.

GENTIL ADVOGADOS works to void the Confi scati on (Dispossession) and related fi nes, suspend the aucti on if already scheduled, defend the property and release the goods to its owner.

GENTIL ADVOGADOS also provides specialized support for Logistics Projects, aiming at guaranteeing legal stability to the business, avoiding penalti es and delays.

Due to its experience in Customs Law, GENTIL ADVOGADOS likewise renders legal services to import and export operations, from the purchase and sale negoti ati ons and project fi nance to the carriage and delivery of the goods.