GENTIL ADVOGADOS was founded in 2009 by mariti me lawyer FÁBIO DO CARMO GENTIL.

More than fifteen year’s experience provided him with a clear view of the demand for legal support specialized in the particular requirements of Importers, Exporters, Carriers and Freight Forwarders.

To fully att end our clients needs, mainly Freight Forwarders, the Firm also started to off er services in Aviati on Law and Haulage Transportati on issues.

As a result, today GENTIL ADVOGADOS is one of the few Brazilian Law Firms specialized in Multi modal Law and International Business.

Established in Santos, Brazil, GENTIL ADVOGADOS is directly connected to the biggest Latin American port. Furthermore, the Firm has representatives in the main Brazilian ports, such as Manaus, Suape, Rio de Janeiro and Itajaí.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to deliver customized legal services, cooperati ng in the growth and recogniti on of our clients in the internati onal market; capable of adding value to their procedures, products and services; suitable in solving problems and carrying out their projects.

Truth, trust, transparency and honesty are prized by us. Above all, we believe in wellbalanced relations, respect to people and individuality, Ethics, Moral, Justi ce and Faith. GENTIL ADVOGADOS stands out for its strong personality and character, persistence and moral fi ber, inherited from the ones who made history in the shipping industry and proudly stands by this mark.

GENTIL ADVOGADOS, “Primus Inter Pares”.