GENTIL ADVOGADOS renders specialized legal services to Importers, Exporters, Carriers and Freight Forwarders.

Further, GENTIL ADVOGADOS off ers full support to Internati onal Negoti ati ons and for the requisiti on of Special Customs Regimes.

With regard to abandoned cargo, GENTIL ADVOGADOS acts on behalf of foreign shippers for the recovery of the goods and collecti on of unpaid credits. Our services:

  • - International Litigation
  • - Recovery of Abandoned Goods (Return to Origin)
  • - International Contracts
  • - Litigation
  • - Demurrage and Detention
  • - Indemnity Suits
  • - Cargo and Vessel Claims
  • - Seized Goods
  • - Cargo Dispossession Penalty
  • - International Purchase and Sale
  • - Charter Parties
  • - Agency Agreements
  • - Ship and Cargo Brokerage
  • - Administrative Defences
  • - Organization of Brazilian Shipping Companies
  • - Set-up and Organization of Brazilian Freight Forwarders

GENTIL ADVOGADOS drafts, revises and executes International Purchase and Sale Contracts, Contracts of Carriage, Chartering, Insurance and Financing. Through its Legal Structure Planning (PEJ), GENTIL ADVOGADOS revises all documents and procedures applicable to the operati on, thus ensuring the success of the Project.

In ordet to safeguard the interests of our clients dedicated to Freight Forwarding acti viti es, we have developed the Risk Management Program.

Such work consists of the revision of documents and procedures to sett le an ideal legal enviroment for the company’s business.

In the area of Customs Law, GENTIL ADVOGADOS defends its clients’ interests in Administrative Proceedings, especially the ones pertaining to Customs fines. GENTIL ADVOGADOS has been actively fighting in Court SISCARGA fi nes, with outstanding results.

Whether it is a case involving damaged cargo, divergence of quanti ty or quality, or even damages to containers and vehicles, our professionals are just a phone call away from devoti ng full att enti on to our clients. Our vast experience with P&I Clubs and Internati onal Insurance Companies ensure that the case will be handled with high effi ciency and quality.